4 Reasons Why You Should Not Use Liquid Drain Cleaners

4 Reasons Why You Should Not Use Liquid Drain Cleaners

Liquid drain cleaners are one of the most common DIY solutions that households use in removing clogs and blocks in drains.  However, these chemical drainers are not always safe and can leave your plastic and PVC pipes vulnerable. Homes with plastic pipes that experience clogs and blocks in their drain should not always resort to chemical and liquid drain cleaners.  Older households with old piping systems should be very cautious on what they pour inside their drains as well.

Generally, chemical drain cleaners can cause a lot of damage to your pipes due to the heat that they create. You might end up getting emergency plumbing Sydney services if you are not cautious with the liquid chemicals that you use when removing blogs and clogs in your drains. Damages caused by liquid chemical drain cleaners can lead to bigger plumbing problems such as warping in your pipes and melting that can cause leaks. Liquid drain cleaners are generally bad for the environment and should never be poured inside any septic system, regardless of the types of pipes you have in your homes.

Top Reasons Why You Should Never Use Liquid Drain Cleaners in Your Pipes

They are Toxic

Most chemical drain cleaners are toxic. It can cause irritation and burn your skin. Overexposure to its fumes can also cause shortness of breath. Mixing drain cleaners together with other cleaning products that you have already flushed down the drain can result in the release of deadly gasses. Unless you are left with no choice or unless you are familiar with the chemicals that have been poured into your drain, you should never use liquid drain cleaners, especially with standing water in your toilets and clogged drains.

Can Cause Damage to Pipes

Drain cleaners are chemicals and can react differently, depending on the type of material your pipes are made of. Generally, drain cleaners can cause internal and external damage to your plumbing system. Porcelain plumbing fixtures can crack if regularly exposed to liquid chemicals. Plastic and PVC pipes can start to corrode due to the chemical reaction between the liquid drain cleaner and the material the pipes are made of. Metal pipes are the most damaged when exposed to harsh cleaning chemicals. Corrosion, leaks and pipe bursts are just a few of the plumbing emergencies that you may encounter due to the damages caused by liquid drain solutions to your pipes.

Liquid Drain Cleaners are Temporary Fix

Using chemical drain cleaners in removing blocks and clogs in your drains may or may not be able to completely remove foreign objects out your drains. Frequent and recurring clogs require the experience and technical knowledge of professional plumbers. If you want a permanent fix for clogs and blocks in your drains, hire a reliable plumbing professional instead.

Environmental Hazards

Chemical drain solutions are made out of unnatural materials. Most of these materials are bad for the environment. Leftover chemicals that are unknowingly thrown down the drain can enter the water system, causing poisoning. Improper disposal of these chemicals can also poison marine and wildlife.

Liquid drain cleaners can never replace the value and the safety that experienced plumbers offer.  If you are dealing with clogs and blocks in your drains, it would be ideal to work with your local plumber in solving the problem instead of relying with chemical drain cleaners. Plumbing services can be costly compared to chemical solutions, but are safer, more effective and long-term solutions for your plumbing issues at home.