Landscaping Ideas: 5 Ways To Transform Your Outdoor Space

Landscaping Ideas: 5 Ways To Transform Your Outdoor Space

Good landscaping ideas are crucial for taking a garden from drab to fab. Even the most beautifully planted plot needs a decent structure to begin with for it to really have the wow factor. Visit Landscaping Leduc for more.

So, forget about flowers and foliage just for one moment. We’re getting back to the bare bones of a garden here. Think gorgeous walls for dividing zones, stretches of water for focal points, stepping stone pathways, floating benches, and more. You’ll find that the best landscaping ideas not only improve the look of your plot but will help you make the most of it, too.

From quick additions and DIY jobs to bigger, call-in-a-builder projects, we’ve got ideas for all styles and budgets below. And if you’re on the lookout for even more ways to transform your space, you’ll find plenty of choice in our garden design ideas feature.

1. Zone your plot with clean lines

We’re loving how this clever mid-height wall serves a multitude of purpose. Sure, its crisp white edges look great, adding to the plot’s modern look and complementing the nearby Alliums. But it also helps to zone the space, dividing the seating area from the surrounding beds. What’s more, it serves as a support for the floating benches, which offer a pared-back, zen-like feel.

The stepping stone pathway adds to the contemporary vibe, whilst drawing the eye down to the garden building, raised up onto a sleek deck. Don’t miss the panelled fence too, where more clean lines help to elongate the space.

2. Transform an urban terrace

Even in the midst of a concrete jungle, you can create your own relaxing oasis. Take the above image as an example. 

Chic grey paving makes a striking contrast against softer strips of planting, which add an extra dose of visual interest. Meanwhile, the lighting around the steps elevates the look come nightfall (and is also handy for safety reasons). 

The pergola offers a sense of privacy from above, and pairs beautifully with the wooden decking to create a retreat for alfresco dining. Fancy making your garden feel more exclusive? Head over to our garden privacy ideas for more inspiration.

3. Make a pond your focal point

A pond is a garden landscaping feature well worth introducing, if you can. It will help attract wildlife, and the sight of water and aquatic plants will add another dimension of pleasure to your outdoor space. If you have the room, you can dig out the pond and add a liner (head over to our guide on how to build a garden pond to get started). Or, you can get pre-formed pond liners in a range of sizes if you prefer.

If you want to keep your pond looking modern, opt for angular shapes, like in the example above. Add a raised platform to show off an eye-catching sculpture – this one makes a fabulous finishing touch. A thin border of paving to the left of the water means that flowerbeds can still be accessed for maintenance.

4. Add detail to walkways

For small garden ideas, every inch of space counts. And with clever landscaping ideas, you can make even your pathways feel fresh and intriguing. 

This narrow walkway above incorporates a plethora of textures. The panelled wood flooring is horizontally aligned to make the space feel wider, whilst paved stepping stones add an element of playfulness. Of course, the real show-stopping detail is the soft mounds of dense, ground-covering foliage. It’s a surprising feature that will bring delight to anyone who passes by, and is a great way to add interest.

5. Create a garden ‘room’ with levels

Creating ‘rooms’ in your garden is a well-known landscaping trick. Not only does it establish spaces for different types of use – eating, relaxing, growing vegetables, etc – but it can also make a plot feel bigger.

So, if your plot is on a slope, then you why not use the levels to your advantage? This design uses wide steps to lead up from a container patio space to a seating spot, perfect for entertaining. 

This difference in levels makes the zones more distinct. Plus, by adding tons of leafy foliage and small trees, both areas are given a sense of privacy, too. We have plenty more inspiration on making the most of your plot in our sloping garden ideas feature.