Causes For Not Turning The Key When Trying To Start Your Car

Causes For Not Turning The Key When Trying To Start Your Car

We cannot speak of a possible cause, since there are several factors that may be causing the problem; It could be the bad condition of the car keys, the steering wheel lock, the lock being worn by use, or problems with the steering column … let’s stop and analyze each one of them:

That the ignition key is damaged. If it is severely bent or its profile has been altered by a bump or for any other reason, chances are high that it will end up giving you trouble starting, and even worse, it will get caught in the ignition or starting device . In this case, you have to remove it, either on your own or with the help of a locksmith, and of course, never use it again. For this, it is highly advisable to have a spare key; If what has happened is that it has been bent, the solution may be as simple as straightening it again.

If it is the ignition device that has been blocked because it is worn or damaged, it will not turn on even if the key is in perfect condition. If the damage is not very great they can try to fix it; But if it is a bigger problem, the only solution will be to change the entire starter cylinder, before it can leave you lying in any inopportune place. This is a very common problem among older cars.

Address blocked. Almost all cars have a steering wheel lock mechanism in case the wheels are turned sharply to the left or right when the engine is off. This responds to an anti-theft device. This would be the simplest problem to solve, turning the steering wheel to both sides should be enough to unlock it; For this to be …

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