Get to Know Turkish Carpet Beauty

Get to Know Turkish Carpet Beauty

Tired of decorating your house with that kind of ornament? If so, you need a powerful move to improve the aesthetics of the interior of the house. One way is to take advantage of the beauty of Turkish carpets. It is undeniable that minimalist home design is an architectural trend that never subsides. The reason is that the design is simple and can make the house look more modern and orderly.

However, minimalist home designs tend to look boring. We are not given the freedom to decorate the house like other designs. As a result, the house looks cold and does not seem warm and comfortable.

Now, if you are experiencing the same problem, we have a solution, namely by adding Turkish carpets. The presence of this Middle Eastern nuanced rug is able to bring out a warm Bohemian ethnic nuance. The interior of the house looks more creative without reducing its modern value at all.

Want to know more about its characteristics, design and placement? We discuss in the following reviews!

Turkish Rug/Carpet

1.Types of Turkish Carpets

Get to Know Turkish Carpet Beauty

For centuries, carpets have been a valuable item in the residences of Turkish people. There are two types of Turkish rugs that can be found in the world, namely Kilim and Hah.

Kilim is a thin carpet made by weaving. This type is the oldest type of carpet that appeared in Catalhoyuk in 7000 BC.

Meanwhile, Hah is a carpet made by woven rope. This carpet was first introduced in the 8th century in Anatolia.

Although they are different, both are used as sitting mats, wall covers, or mattress sheets.

2. Material and Color

Turkish carpets are made using natural materials to maintain the quality. These exotic carpet craftsmen use silk, cotton, and wool as the main materials.

Get to Know Turkish Carpet Beauty

All of the above materials have excellent resistance to hot and cold weather, so they last longer. As for color, Turkish carpets are usually decorated with contrasting colors. The colors that are often used are red, black, brown, yellow, gold, and orange.

3. Unique Patterns

The Turkish rug pattern is a characteristic that distinguishes it from other types of carpets. The pattern is constructed of geometric shapes or flowers created by an ancient knot technique called Ghiordes. The Ghiordes knot technique is the technique of looping a string twice close together.

This differs from Persian carpets which usually have historical, animal or human patterns on them.

Turkish Carpet Placement at Home

1. Living Room

Get to Know Turkish Carpet Beauty

The first room suitable for placement on the Turkish carpet is the living room. Because this room is a place that is often visited by many people, including guests. Placing a Turkish rug here will make your home appear more cultural and less boring. Choose a color that is clearer and different from the furniture around the house.

If the living room interior palette is cream and natural, choose a red or gold carpet. Meanwhile, for a dark room, choose a neutral Turkish rug.

2. Family room

Get to Know Turkish Carpet Beauty

Another room that can be decorated with a Turkish rug is the family room. For this space, it is recommended that the type of carpet chosen is the Hah carpet because it is thicker. The majority of Hah rugs are also made of wool which makes them look softer and fluffier.

This is more in line with the theme of the family room which should be homey, warm, and make us feel at home.

3. Wall Decoration

Get to Know Turkish Carpet Beauty

Not only installed on the floor, we can also use Turkish rug as a wall decoration ornament. Its unique pattern looks beautiful as a wall decoration, as well as expensive paintings. You can display it as a whole as in the picture above. However, you can also choose a smaller size so that you can use it as a base for a shelf or cupboard.