5 Fitness Equipment for Exercise at Home

5 Fitness Equipment for Exercise at Home

The busy schedule sometimes makes some people unable to exercise because they don’t have the chance to go to the gym. Turns out, the sport does not have to always be done at such a place.

Exercising with fitness equipment now can be done at home. The Tecdis expedition currently offers you if you need fitness equipment delivery and assembly for fitness at home. Besides its many benefits, some of this fitness equipment is also practical and easy to carry anywhere. Here are some fitness tools for exercise at home.

Skipping Rope

One sport that is easily done anywhere, including at home, is jumping rope a.k.a the skipping rope. This jump exercise is useful for improving heart and lung fitness, as well as exercising leg muscle strength. You can use skipping rope as an alternative to burning cardio if you don’t like running.

Yoga Mat

If you choose yoga as a sport that you want to do regularly, then the yoga mat becomes an important tool that you must have. Yoga mats serve as a base to keep your footing steady during yoga movements, as well as protecting your body from any collisions in case you are slipped. You will be more comfortable to do yoga in some period if you do it on a yoga mat


5 Fitness Equipment for Exercise at Home

The next exercise tool that is very useful for training the strength is dumbbell or barbell. Dumbbell weights vary, some are very light (1 kilogram) and some are heavy (10 kilograms). You can practice lifting dumbbell routinely to build arm and shoulder muscles. You can also increase the intensity of exercise by doing sit-ups, bench presses, and squats while holding a dumbbell.

Resistance band

Besides dumbbells, this elastic piece of exercise equipment is also useful for exercising muscle strength …

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