Getting Your House Ready For Spring

Getting Your House Ready For Spring

The seasons are changing and spring is almost here. While you might be excited to get outside and enjoy the weather, there are many things you can do to get your home ready. Spending some time on these tasks will give your place great curb appeal for the next several months. Here are some places to get started.


Call a company who cleans or does gutter replacement st louis to inspect your gutters. They will pull leaves and other debris from them then flush them free with water. If you skip this, your gutters could back up after a hard rain and possibly damage your shingles. 

Dryer Vent

Keeping your vent free of lint protects your home from the disaster of a fire. Pull the cover from the outside and pull out as much as you can. You may need a brush to do this. Do this from the inside as well until air can move freely.


Use a power washer to spray down your siding, fencing, deck, and driveway. You can use it to give your outdoor furniture a bath before you use it also. Scrub your windows both inside and out until they are few smudges. Clean your carpets and hardwood floors to free them of dirt and grime brought in from the winter weather. Wipe down ceiling fans, base boards and any other surface than normally may be neglected. 


Stop by your local garden center and choose which flowers and plants you want for your yard and garden. Get a head start by planting seedlings in potting soil then keep them inside where it is warm. Consult with an expert about what will work best and when you should start. Make sure the area you are working with has plenty of sunshine and …

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