5 Times to Call a Professional Plumber

5 Times to Call a Professional Plumber

When it comes to household plumbing, troubleshooting repairs can be a frustrating effort. Even if the cause seems obvious, getting to the place where the issue is or the repair needs to be made might not be as easy as it seems. There are all sorts of pipes and fixtures in your home that will eventually need maintenance. Below are five good situations to call in a professional for plumbing repairs Gastonia NC.

1. Garbage Disposal Not Working

A garbage disposal is typically reliable and is depended on every day. When it suddenly stops working, it may not always be clear what the root of the problem is. Further damage can be done if it is not investigated and fixed properly.

2. Severe Clogs

If water pressure has dropped considerably or a sink is draining slowly, there is probably a significant obstruction somewhere. It may be so far down into a pipe that a tool called a snake is needed to get to it and clear it. Depending on what it is and how big it is, basic drain cleaning chemicals may not be able to tackle it.

3. Hot Water Heater Issues

When something goes wrong with a hot water heater, it can be an unexpected surprise. All of a sudden your morning shower turns into an ice bath if it’s not heating properly. Or worse, the unit begins to leak in your garage or basement.

4. Pipe Breaks or Deterioration

Residential homes have been built with piping made of various materials throughout the years. Over time, some of these will gradually deteriorate or even rupture. Locating the exact point where the leak is and making a quality repair is critical.

5. Septic Backups

A backup in a septic tank system can be anything from minor to major. …

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