2 Area of Focus for Exterior Cleaning

2 Area of Focus for Exterior Cleaning

The outside of your home can either be a welcoming sight when you pull into the driveway or it can send shivers down your spine. Even with your busy schedule, a few hours a week or one good weekend can help you clean up the exterior of your home and put the neighboring properties to shame. These are two areas to concentrate on when you are trying to improve your curb appeal.

Start by Pressure Washing

The buildup of grime, oil, mildew, pollen, and dirt on your front walkway, driveway, and siding will alter the appearance of your property. It is simple to use a pressure washer to help restore a clean condition to your home and surroundings. Many pressure washers have a variety color-coded spray tips that can be changed out to alter the spray. You will need a low-pressure tip to clean off siding, but a high-pressure tip is needed if you will be cleaning concrete or asphalt. If you are cleaning your deck or porch, don’t keep the tip of the sprayer on one spot for too long. It can damage the surface. After cleaning the various surfaces, apply waterproof sealers to help prevent more staining down the road.

Clean Out the Gutters

The trees in your yard may be shedding enough leaves and debris to clog up your gutters. Improper drainage can cause water staining on the sides of your home, but it can also cause significant erosion to occur. Depending on the style of your home, it may be unsafe for you to attempt cleaning with just a ladder. If you plan to do a number of projects in one weekend, you could reach out to a scaffolding Middle Sackville NS company to inquire about rental equipment.

Safety should always be first your primary concern, and if you don’t feel comfortable cleaning a certain area of your home, call in the professionals. Pressure washing will do wonders for the exterior of your home.