5 The Inspiration of the Hanging Lamp Model to Make the Home More Beautiful

5 The Inspiration of the Hanging Lamp Model to Make the Home More Beautiful

A lamp is a lighting object whose function is so important that it is certain that all the houses must have it. However, the function of the lamp is not only as a lighting object. It also has aesthetic values ‚Äč‚Äčthat can enhance your home interior. This is because the design of lamps, especially chandeliers, is now increasingly diverse with beautiful shapes that you can find at the Flos.

You can place the chandelier starting from the living room, dining room, kitchen, to the main room. A touch of decoration with this chandelier can make the home look more perfect. Here are some design models for hanging lamps to beautify your home.

Rectangular in shape

Hanging lamps are not always conical. If you want to look different, you can try using the design of the chandelier like the inspiration above, which is rectangular in shape. Then, you can give some decorations so that the lights can blend into the house interior design. Since this chandelier is placed in the family room and dining room, the selected decoration is brownish wood so the room feels warm and intimate.

Has Three Different Designs

The dining room is decorated with five chandeliers. These five chandeliers do not have the same design shape, but rather have three different designs. The installation is made alternately regularly so that it displays an attractive appearance. In order not to be to glare, then the light is chosen which is yellow.

Traditional Profiles

Who says traditional style decorations cannot be integrated with modern styles? The kitchen and dining room inspiration above has proven that traditional and modern can go hand in hand. The furniture in the room has modern cutting, like a marble dining table. However, there are three hanging lamps that have a traditional design to make the room sweet.

Luxury with Gold Color

Hanging lamps are perfect for decorating ideas in homes with high ceilings. In order to be the center of attention, give different colors to the lights. The interior of this workspace is predominantly black and white. While the lights used have gold-colored fittings with a hanging rope from the chain so that the workspace seems elegant.


Another unique design of the chandelier. This chandelier is shaped like a spider. In order for this chandelier decoration to steal people’s attention, then don’t place other accessories around the lamp. Let him appear alone and become a focal point.