Home Style: Picking The Best Doors

Home Style: Picking The Best Doors

Changing the doors in your house can be a quick way to add a new look to your home. A well-chosen door can control draughts, noise levels and the temperature of your house.

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The front door needs to be given the biggest budget and consideration. It pays to spend a little extra on making it look attractive. It is normally in a position exposed to weather conditions and it has to be able cut out noise from outside. There are also security issues. Installing various locks is no use unless you combine them with strong hinges and a solid door.

New materials like steel and fiberglass can offer more benefits than wood. With wood, you can easily repair minor surface damage by yourself, but it needs to be re-finished to protect it from the elements and sunlight. Fiberglass is maintenance-free and an effective insulator. Now there are versions that mimic wood convincingly. Steel doors share the same benefits and are generally cheaper than solid wood exterior doors.

There are also decisions to be made about the material of your interior doors too. Solid wood doors are strong and can protect against fire and noise, but they are more expensive and can contract and expand depending on the climate. Wooden core doors are made from fiberboard, usually MDF. They are light-weight and cheap, but don’t warp and twist. Because they are essentially synthetic, they are available in many different designs, and can even look like traditional solid wood doors.

Choose doors in a style that complements the rest of your house. Try looking through d?cor magazines or house d?cor books for inspiration. Considering different types of doors could provide greater design flexibility to your home, such as pocket doors, Dutch doors, bi-fold doors, long span doors and shoji doors.

Reflect on what door you can buy in terms of how your house actually is. A traditional home obviously needs a traditional door. Your choices are automatically limited. The same goes for a modern apartment, which would benefit more from a sleek, minimal design. You need to have your house in mind when you consider the size of the door. If your doorway is not a standard size, you might have to pay more for your doors, which will influence the style and materials you can afford. Mass manufactured doors are 78-96 inches high and 24-36 inches wide. You need a half-inch clearance between the bottom of the door and the floor.

How handy are you around the house? You can buy doors pre-hung, or as slabs. Pre-hung doors are already mounted onto a frame with the hinges attached, and only need installing into the doorway. A slab is simply the door itself, and it could be worth installing the door professionally to prevent sticking or rattling.

Think about what kind of furniture is in the room? And if you move, will you be able to move the furniture out of the room easily with the door style of your choice?

Doors are not something that we generally notice above their functional purpose, but they define the style of a home as well as a room and need to be chosen carefully.