How To Choose the Best Texas Carpet Cleaner for Home and Offices

How To Choose the Best Texas Carpet Cleaner for Home and Offices

Carpet cleaning can be a serious business. Your carpet is one of the most noticeable things in your home and easily the commonest piece of decoration in most homes. All kinds of carpets, irrespective of their make, be it nylon, polyester or wool require regular cleaning to maintain a pristine appearance that complements your home or office decor nicely. A dirty carpet can make or break the overall appeal of your home. Although it might seem easy just to run your vacuum over it every couple of days, some particularly stubborn pieces of dirt and stains require the help of experts like Texas carpet cleaning companies. Thankfully there are several companies in the lone star state offering this service. The only question is how to find the right one for the job. 

How do you clean your carpet?

Stubborn stains from pets, kids, and food may be difficult to get out of your carpet on your own, but the experts know their way around these stains pretty well. Of course, carpet cleaners are still not miracle workers and it’s always best to practice general carpet hygiene to obtain the best results and reduce how much time they have to spend on cleaning.

There are a handful of tips you can use to keep your carpet at home or in the office looking brand new. The first would be to avoid stains, dirt, and dust altogether. Try to minimize the amount of contact your carpet has with items that might leave stains, like shoes, beverages, and snacks. Such items should be banned from the area if possible, or just limited.

Vacuum regularly. This is a bit of an obvious tip. But it’s best to vacuum your carpet at regular intervals even when it doesn’t appear dirty to you because of the dirt and dust that has slowly settled on it. It’s best to always vacuum out stains the moment they appear, to avoid them sitting out for long and risk becoming permanent and ruining your carpet. Mostly any kind of vacuum would do for this procedure.

Selecting the right carpet cleaning company for you

How To Choose the Best Texas Carpet Cleaner for Home and Offices

Now, while all these tips might help in keeping your carpet clean, for that brand new ‘wow’ effect, and cozy new carpet smell, you might have to call in the professionals. But how do you select a carpet cleaning company from the plethora of companies available at your very doorstep? There are a few things you should look into before selecting one.

1. Method

Carpets require different methods of cleaning. If the best-rated company doesn’t offer the method of cleaning that best suits your specialized kind of carpet, then they’re no good to you. You should be able to call customer service and inquire about their kinds of carpet cleaning methods and options. Do your research about your type of carpet and confirm if the company you intend to hire offers this service. 

 2. Reputation

Reputation isn’t something that is built overnight. The impression people get from your home depends on how it looks. So you shouldn’t entrust something as obvious as your flooring to just anyone. Try to lookup whatever companies you’re contemplating and check their ratings, reviews, and comments about their services. Well-known companies with professional technicians and better results will often come out on top.

 3. The price

As important as it is to live within your means and cut your coat according to your size and all that, it should be noted that expensive companies usually tack on those few extra bucks to cover things like training and the use of eco-friendly products, which contribute in the bigger picture to a longer-lasting carpet. Again, another great way would be to verify using the reviews of such companies, to find out if the price being charged is worth it. Only hire a company when you are sure that you will indeed get value for your money. 

4. Guarantee

Professional carpet cleaning companies often offer guarantees on their work, because they are that confident in what they offer. A company that doesn’t offer a guarantee is probably having problems with insurance and might not even be worth patronizing in the long run

5. Environmentally-friendly services

The kind of chemicals used during the cleaning is vital, no one wants a clean carpet sprayed with toxic chemicals that may find their way into the body and cause severe medical problems. Try to go with companies that use eco-friendly products to ensure you and your family are as protected. as your carpet is clean. 

How professionals actually clean your carpet

How To Choose the Best Texas Carpet Cleaner for Home and Offices

Once you’ve found a company that meets all these requirements, normally a standard carpet cleaning company should explain in details the procedure involved in cleaning your carpet. But it might help to know what goes into cleaning a carpet as this might prove valuable in helping you make a hiring decision as well.


While it’s possible to steam your carpet yourself, it’s always best to leave this to professionals as you might not be able to properly remove all the dust that has settled on it which could result in the thinning and eventual breaking of your carpet. The hot water used in this method also kills off harmful microorganisms like fungi and bacteria. A major advantage of this method is that it is suitable for most types of carpets.


Just like for your hair, carpets also have a special solution that acts as a shampoo. After applying the shampoo to the carpet, it creates a foam which is left on the carpet for a while and allowed to dry. The foam acts as an absorbent and draws dirt out of the carpet; it then forms a layer with the foam which after drying out can be removed with a vacuum cleaner. Most carpet cleaning companies that employ this method tend to be more economically friendly.

Dry cleaning

Of course, your carpets can be dry cleaned just like your clothes. This is done by applying a layer of powder on the surface of the carpet. The powder acts as a strong absorptive material that attracts dirt and dust. The powder is left for a certain period before it is removed by a vacuum cleaner. You can click here to learn more about other carpet cleaning techniques. 


While it’s important to perform regular cleaning at intervals, proper maintenance requires expertise to not only save time on your path but to also help remove stubborn stains and odors for a longer-lasting result.