Moving into An Old House? Dial in Popcorn Removal Service for Your Good Health

Moving into An Old House? Dial in Popcorn Removal Service for Your Good Health

Popcorn, stucco or acoustic ceilings were used traditionally as they have a textured appearance. However, moving to a new home and being greeted by this bumpy and outdated finish, you need to get the same removed instantly. This is important for your good health and wellness needs. 

The reason for the same is that these ceilings may carry a huge amount of asbestos that may seep into your air and harm your family’s well-being. Aside from being a cheap and low-quality material, the same is extremely ugly and bulky. If you have bought a home with such ceiling in terms of throwaway sale price or if you are a home owner with such a ceiling then you may not find good buyers for your home as these ceilings are both toxic and a clear health hazard. If you have enough capital, you can opt for Popcorn removal service to get the best results. Here, you need to dial in the help of an expert or professional service provider to bring in the most satisfactory results for your needs. 

Searching for the most appropriate Popcorn ceiling contractors

If the popcorn ceiling is covered in paint, you need to have professional Popcorn ceiling contractors to get the same removed. In such a case, the DIY removal projects may not prove to be beneficial for your needs and this may in turn increase the overall costs of repairs as well. 

The major reason behind this is that the paint prevents the popcorn ceiling design and texture from absorbing water.  You may also need an EPA kit to evaluate if the same has asbestos. If the results are found to be positive, you will have to invest in huge money and time intensive operations in removing it on your own. 

Moreover, you may require the assistance of a chemical stripper to break down the paint barriers. Therefore, it is recommended to focus on having a professional Ceiling repair Toronto to avoid any major issues, challenges and hassles in future. A timely intervention can have most favorable results for you and your family especially if you have someone who is asthmatic or if you have small kids. 

How to get the most appropriate Ceiling repair Toronto? 

While opting for the professional replacement or Popcorn removal service, it is vital to understand the total cost of the same. Undoubtedly, the cost of professional intervention is extremely less than going for DIY and saves you both time and money. The reason for the same is that the professional ceiling specialists carry with them the best training and understanding to handle the ceiling situation. 

Before you start your search for the professional Ceiling repair Toronto, you need to wait for the results of the asbestos test. You need to turn off your home heating system as the unit may transmit toxins and harm your health. Use a certified EPA safety kit for taking in the ceiling sample. A safe way is to call in professional help to ease the process. 

In both the cases, you need to prepare the home for getting the best results by using the following pointers – 

  • Before calling professional Popcorn ceiling contractors, move small furniture items and place tarps or covers to protect your home appliances. 
  • Using plastic covers or shields ensures that home is saved from unwanted dust and debris. This reduces the time spent on the cleaning process
  • You also need to turn off the heating and cooling systems by bringing in electricians to cut down the power to ceiling, associated fixtures and fire alarms. 
  • Ensure that the room is properly ventilated.