Reasons to Choose Concrete Look Tiles Over Poured Cement for Your Bathroom

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If you love the long-lasting concrete floors and walls, you might be here because of its major drawbacks. No doubt, concrete is strong, durable, easy to clean, cost-effective, and environment friendly, but we can’t ignore the facts that it can be very slippery if finishing is not perfect, is cold and hard, which makes it uncomfortable for someone standing for long mostly during winters, it gets stained easily, requires sealing and is susceptible to moisture.

But still, if you want the pro factors of concrete eliminating all the cons, you would love the idea of concrete look tiles for your bathroom. It can let you attain the satisfaction of obtaining the look of concrete, without worrying about its disadvantages.

So, let us dig out more advantages of concrete look tiles,which can prove it to be a great alternative over poured concrete.

Why should you choose concrete look tiles for your bathroom?

1. A contemporary choice

Concrete look tiles like porcelain or ceramic offer a modern finish to the bathroom floors. Poured cement gives an odd appearance with fully furnished space. It looks somewhat traditional and is not even in current fashion. Whereas porcelain tiles with a concrete look can improve the aesthetics and match any design, be it industrial, contemporary, or minimalist.

2. Easy installation and repair

Both concrete and concrete look-alike are cost-effective at the beginning. But, concrete surface demands highly skilled labourers for installation. It requires perfect finishing, which is not simple and can result in flaws. However, hard labour and careful finishing is not the need for the installation of concrete look tiles in a bathroom.

If we talk about repairing, then also porcelain tiles stand out. Any cracks or breakage in cemented floors can’t get easily repaired due to its hardness. Even if repaired, after spending some amount, it won’t keep its originality, and the re-poured cement can get detected easily from a distance. And, concrete look tiles are tiles anyway, so of course, repairing is easy and inexpensive like any other tiles.

3. Moisture and stain resistant

Unlike real cement, concrete look tiles resist the unwanted effect of moisture. As concrete surfaces can’t resist it, discolouration of paint is a common problem. It is generally a result of cold weather, and as porcelain tiles don’t have pores like ceramic tiles or cement floors, it can suit any weather condition. The stain does not occur in bathrooms generally, but this is another plus point of concrete look-alike tiles over poured cement that it is stain-resistant.

4. Variety of patterns

Poured cement doesn’t offer a range of colours, sizes, and patterns. You can get a decorative stain pattern on it due to its susceptibility to stains, but it gets discoloured with any contact with chemicals. Now coming to concrete look tiles for bathrooms – they come in a variety of sizes, colours and unique patterns. If you want the plain concrete look, it is available in different shades of grey. Several tile pattern depending on the room design is possible, and it comes within budget due to technological advancement.

The bottom line

If we compile all the characteristics of concrete, it is not difficult to observe that each of its good factors comes with a major disadvantage. So, concrete look tiles for a bathroomwill be a better choice in every aspect. Also, we suggest porcelain tiles with a cement appearance over its ceramic counterpart.