Three Reasons to Address Foundations Issues Before Other Home Improvement Projects

Three Reasons to Address Foundations Issues Before Other Home Improvement Projects

Buying an older home can be a great investment, so long as you properly prioritize repairs and improvements. A safe and updated house foundation is the base upon which all other home improvements rest. For both new and old homes, you should always check the foundation before starting other home improvement projects. Here are the top three reasons to focus on fixing any foundation issues first.

Reduce the Number of Improvements

Forbes compiled a list of the top hidden problems found in old homes, and foundation issues topped the list. If you start your home improvement with fixing the foundation, you may find that other items on your list for repair get better or fix themselves entirely. One such example is sticking doors and windows, which might fit their frames properly once the foundation is properly leveled and strengthened. To prove this to yourself, make a before and after list of issues and you can see which ones were corrected by repairs to your foundation.

Prevent Damage to Other Improvements

Properly sequencing your home improvements can prevent redoing projects and losing money. For example, fixing a cracked ceiling while there are problems with the foundation can mean you have more cracks to fix in the future. Other improvements can also be affected by an uneven foundation, such as leveling the floor and replacing cracked molding. In extreme cases, leaving the foundation last can even negatively impact the roof.

Instantly Improve Drainage

A house foundation is part of a lot’s drainage system. When that foundation is in disrepair, rainwater might drain in unexpected and detrimental ways. For example, if water pools beneath your home, it can further erode the foundation and create a feedback loop of escalating damage. Sending moisture away from a home is important in preventing such issues. Rot and mold can also come from issues of poor drainage, so a good foundation has a ripple effect of many positive consequences.

This advice can also pertain to newer homes where a good foundation can prevent future repairs. For both new and old homes, a good foundation is important. Make sure your foundation is in good shape before starting any other home improvement projects. This applies whether your projects are meant to improve your quality of life or increase your home value for a sale. With a solid base, you can prevent future issues and protect your other improvements.