Tips to Hiring a Plumber

When a person has a plumbing issue they need to contact a professional right away. Water leaks, broken pipes, and other issues can be messy and costly. These are some tips for hiring plumbers in Plano.

Tips to Hiring a Plumber

Ask Friends and Family Members

If a person is looking for a plumber they should ask around for references. If someone had a negative experience with a plumber they are not shy to tell about their experience. If they had a positive experience with the plumber they can share this as well. Friends and family may know someone worth hiring and can tell a person to avoid working with.

Ask About License

The plumbers in Plano should be properly licensed. This will show that they have the knowledge needed to work in this field and have experience working in the field of plumbing. The license will help show that the plumber has completed the proper training and education needed to work as a real plumber.


The plumber needs to have proper insurance. Accidents can happen even to the most experienced plumbers. This will help protect them in case something does go wrong and will make sure the problem is fixed for the homeowner. Insurance will also protect the plumber if they happen to get hurt while on the job.

Get a Warranty

When hiring a plumber they must guarantee their work. If the plumber is a professional they will stand behind their work. They should put a warranty in writing for their client to guarantee their work for a specific period as well as the parts they are using to make all the needed repairs.

Perform Background Check

It is easy to perform a background check on a plumber. When working with a plumbing company be sure to ask if background checks were performed on employees. A good company will perform checks on their employees to make sure they hire people that are professional and can be trusted. A person can also check with state agencies to see if any complaints had been made against the plumber or if they have been sued for anything.


While emergencies do happen a plumber should slow up close to their scheduled time. They should make every effort to be on time. No one wants to sit around and waste their time waiting. If the plumber is going to be late they should call their next customer and let them know.


Plumbing emergencies do not just happen during normal business hours. Emergencies can happen at any time of the day or night. When working with a plumber it is important to ask about their emergency hours. Some companies have plumbers that are on call 24 hours a day and even on weekends. It is important to a plumber that is available for emergencies before the emergency happens.


When getting an estimate from the plumber be sure to get it in writing. The plumber should be known for giving accurate estimates. From time to time they may encounter unexpected issues but their estimates should be accurate. There should be no surprises or added expenses when it comes time to pay the bill.


The plumber should be friendly and a person should be comfortable talking to them and allowing them into their home. The plumber should be polite and professional at all time.

These are some tips to help a person hire a plumber they can trust. It is important to make sure the plumber is experienced and a professional to make sure the job is done correctly.