Types of Wardrobe or Kleiderschrank

Types of Wardrobe or Kleiderschrank

Many people don’t know that there are types of wardrobe that have their own advantages when you compare them. Most people have a small 40-inch wardrobe or kleiderschrank 100 cm breit that will do the job but if you have a lot of clothing and accessories, you might think about getting something bigger.

Some of them have their own ventilation system to keep the clothes in the best condition and also they have special lightning for you to see how they fit you. These types are more expensive but a dream for many women. Men usually own smaller closets that take less space and less maintenance.

Walk-in Closets

This type of closet is the best option for storing accessories, shoes and clothes if you have the budget for it. The name suggests that you can walk into it because of the size, it is a whole separate room made for your clothing. It’s not only made to place your items there, but it is also used to showcase them. As mentioned, some of them have their own HVAC vents so it will be comfortable to try out clothes. They can also be as large as a bedroom.

People that own them are usually wealthy and have many expensive items in it. There are businesses made to organize these closets so most of them are designed based on individual needs. Design ideas are various and every collector of clothes or shoes has it. It might seem easy to handle it because of the huge space you have but the design is very important here.

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Types of Wardrobe or Kleiderschrank

Reach-in Closets

If you don’t need such a big closet, then you might like a reach-in type which is a lot smaller and most commonly used. The design is very simple and most of them will have a self on top and you will hang clothes from a rod underneath. Nowadays, they are made so you can reach everything easily with pull-aside curtains, bi-fold doors, hinged doors or partitions.

It may seem like you don’t have enough space then but with proper organization and some tricks you can find online, you can place clothes you wear throughout the year. The advantage is they are a lot cheaper and everyone can afford them. You could use decoration to make it look more interesting.

Linen Closets

Besides placing clothes, you probably need space for things like towels, sheets, bathroom supplies, pillows and blankets. Linen closest is just used for that even if it is the same as the reach-in type. The difference is that this one has only drawers and shelves to stack supplies. Some doorless designs are great for your bedroom which is also a cheaper option. If it is not in the bedroom, it should be placed where everyone can access it easily like between bedrooms and bathrooms.

Utility Closets

Utility closets are used for anything except clothes or food items. It is usually placed near the garage or basement where you place everything you need for house maintenance. Most of the items you place there you won’t need every day but make sure that it is made out of strong material because people generally store items that may damage it easily. Vacuum cleaner, mops and brooms, brushes, screwdrivers, hammers, gardening equipment, cleaning chemicals are stored there.

Armoires or Wardrobes

People use a lot of terms while thinking of something else so it can be confusing when you notice that daily items you talk about have a different meaning. For example, an armoire is classified as a wardrobe and it is any free-standing, tall cupboard. Lowboy or vanity is synonym for the dresser which is shortened from the term dressing table. It should have a mirror attached and horizontal drawers.

It isn’t a big mistake but the closet and wardrobe are two different things. One is considered as any space where you store items. The other can be bought from furniture stores and custom made. Wardrobe can suit multiple purposes and have many shapes and sizes. An advantage is that the wardrobe can be moved anywhere you want. People that don’t have a closet space use it the most. People will use both terms in the same context without knowing the difference.