How to Clean Up Watercolor Spills on Your Carpet

How to Clean Up Watercolor Spills on Your Carpet

Drawing and painting is surely one of the best ways to spend your free time. You can unleash your inner creativity and also teaching your kids the same can be a very good way to spend quality time with them. One of the materials which is commonly used in painting projects is watercolor. Watercolor is cheap and can be used to give rise to creative works of arts. Whether you are a skilled painter or you just want to relax and unwind, using watercolor to paint is certainly a good idea.

Sadly, while you are painting accidents can sometimes occur and you may end up spilling your watercolor all over your carpet, especially the Custom Carpet. This is not a good thing by any stretch as watercolor can really get into your carpet fibers and cause an ugly stain that will make your carpet unattractive and unappealing.

If you are having trouble with a watercolor spill on your carpet, here is a guide that you can use in solving this carpet cleaning problem.

Start off by clearing the area where the spill occurred. Remove any loose objects such as brushes and then extract any of the excess watercolor on the carpet. You can do the latter by absorbing it using some paper towels or a clean white cloth.

Once you have cleared the spill area, all which is left on your carpet now is the watercolor stain. The next step in trying to remove it is by making a cleaning agent to use on the stain. This can be done quite easily by mixing a teaspoon of dishwashing liquid with a cup of warm water. Once you have stirred the mixture completely, apply some of it onto the watercolor stain and then let it set for three minutes.

Now you will need to blot the stain repeatedly with a clean white cloth. Blotting will help in removing the stain from the carpet and transfer it onto the clean white cloth. You will notice that as you continue to blot the stain is becoming lighter, this means that it is working and you need to blot the area continuously until the entire stain is gone.

For the last step, you must pour a cup of clean water on the area where the watercolor spill occurred. This is to flush out any cleaning solution residue that could get left behind and damage your carpet over time. After rinsing the area, dry it using clean towels before you can use it again.