Why You Should Consider Renting A Cottage Like Le Clos des Brumes This Summer

Why You Should Consider Renting A Cottage Like Le Clos des Brumes This Summer

As the season is transitioning from spring to summer, a lot of people usually start thinking about a variety of summer activities to do (see this). Among the activities, camping is usually one of them. However, since the weather might still not be that favorable for tents to be used, you can still enjoy your wilderness adventures by renting a nice cottage.

Cottages usually offer the best outdoor getaway as it provides you with a sturdy and warm shelter, great kitchen and also awesome shower facilities. These facilities are usually very difficult to get at a camping site and yet the cottages still provide you with the best that nature has to offer.

Staying in a cottage offers a great experience, especially for those looking to take a break off from their everyday busy routine. Anyway, with that being said, here are a few reasons as to why you should consider renting a cottage like Le Clos Des Brumes.


Cottages can always accommodate everyone in your family, regardless of what activities they like doing the most. For those who enjoy the outdoor physical activities, you can always go for some hiking adventures around the place or even mountain biking.

There are usually some water bodies around that are also great for swimming. If you are more into relaxing and just having your alone time, you can always find a perfect sport to string up your hammock and just have a good time without any disturbance.

In short, all I’m trying to say is, you can never go wrong with cottages as they always have something for every type of person.

Access to nature

As you might have noticed already, cottages always offer easy access to nature. This is what they are usually all about. You don’t always rent them so that you can stay in them, right?

I believe they are just there to offer accommodation after coming from some awesome outdoor adventures, maybe when you are tired or you want to grab some snacks. Renting a cottage is always a great idea compared to the ordinary day trips where you have to make your meals earlier and pack them n the car for the trips.

These are some of the reasons why you should consider finding a nice cottage that you can call home away from home during the weekends.


As other people will be busy looking for that great summer boy shape, maybe you should be using this time to enjoy your best summer foods instead. If you are great at barbecuing, you can go ahead and put the grills to use.

More on summer foods? Read this: Read this: https://www.womansday.com/health-fitness/nutrition/advice/g866/top-summer-foods/

You can also make a perfect s’ more during those amazing campfire sessions. A little bit of something won’t hurt when done once in a while, this is why you are even free to go for your favorite sugary cereal for breakfast. After all, this is what staying in cottages is all about, right?

Other cottages also allow local vendors to sell their produce by putting up nearby grocery stores where you can always find some fresh vegetables and fruits for the health cautious people.

Why You Should Consider Renting A Cottage Like Le Clos des Brumes This Summer

Nearby attractions

As it is with a lot of cottages, they are always located near some amazing attractions and activities. When you go for a cottage holiday in a wine country, you will also be able to take trips out to the vineyards and have opportunities to taste some of the greatest wines around.

Other things that you can also enjoy include hot springs and spas, golf courses and restaurants among other things. During the weekends, you can always go out and explore around, you never know what other amazing places you can find.

Always remember to do some research before settling on a particular deal. You can also ask questions from those who have been in this cottage rental business for more information.

Great value

Well, when you are looking for a cottage holiday, having a great value might not be your first priority. However, when you will just be looking for a place to shelter, you will be surprised to find out that some cottages provide better value compared to most hotels. Besides, you also get the liberty to prepare your own meals the way you like without any problems. Self-catering also allow you to eat whatever you like an be creative with your own cooking.