Benefits of Installing your New Fence During Winter or Fall

Benefits of Installing your New Fence During Winter or Fall

If you are planning to do a fence installation as one of your home-improvement projects during the spring, you might want to re-evaluate your timeline. Installing a residential enclosure during the winter or fall offers some benefits, both to your lifestyle and most importantly, to your budget. Let us take a closer look at the benefits of installing a residential fence during the winter and fall.

Save more money

Most fence companies get busier during the summer and spring. To keep their most competent tradespeople on the payroll and active during slower seasons, a lot of fencing contractors sometimes offer upgraded products or discounts for the same price if you hire them during the slower seasons like during winter or fall.

Imagine budgeting your money into getting a customized fence, instead of installing chain links; you can use standard privacy, wood or vinyl enclosure. Planning for the fencing project during the fall will give you ample time to work with professional designers to determine how you can save as well as spend your extra money to make your fence more spectacular.

Shorten your timeline

By properly scheduling the work on winter or fall, where working crews are less busy, you won’t have to wait longer for your project to start. Not only that, contractors are more likely to commit a bigger crew to your project to get the work done a lot faster. If you wait for spring or summer to contact the contractors, there is a big chance that your project will be put on the waiting list and the work may not start until the end of summer.

The actual construction will take a lot longer because workers are split between multiple projects. Another factor that can save the contractor time to build your fence is when they jump through any bureaucratic hoops to make sure that the project will meet all city codes and regulations.

It can be accomplished a lot quicker when the people from the building permit department are less busy. If you are considering other construction work during the winter, like the roof or basement repair or even pool installation, contractors can work can coordinate with other contractors and minimize any disruption in your daily life.

They can help ensure that the work will go smoothly if they need to take out the old fence and allow them to get their equipment in. They can install temporary enclosure during the work and get the new fence once the heavy equipment is no longer needed on the other project.


Working during the fall or winter when most of your landscape is dormant will be less damaging to all the plants in your yard. If you have roses or bushes that are near the area where you are planning to install your fences, they can be relocated or turned back during the plant’s dormancy without causing long-term damage to the plants.

The grass in your lawn that gone dormant won’t be affected by the workers and the equipment. Also, most of your perennials will be protected under the soil since the crew will be working above them. If you need to replace the plants on your lawn or need to do a re-landscaping in areas where the enclosure will be installed, getting the fence done during the fall or winter will give you enough time to get new plants in the ground when spring comes.

By planting them early, you will make sure that they are adequately established before summer comes and the heat can cause more stress to your new plants. If you are working with a professional designer or landscaper for your lawn, they can plan their designs around the enclosure and not just make their plans on a computer without any idea on how the enclosure will look like after it was installed. They can take photos of the newly completed fence and show you how their design will complement your new fence.

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Enjoy spring and summer in your yard

One of the most significant benefits you can get when you install your fences during fall or winter is that the installation will be out of the way by the time spring or summer time hits and warm temperature will lure you to go outside and you will be able to enjoy your yard.

Whether you want to enjoy your time sitting by the pool or walking barefooted on your backyard, you won’t have to delay all your plans until the fence is complete. Getting outside your house after the cold and chilly winter and before the summer heat shines upon us can be a therapeutic time. That is why you do not want to miss out that golden opportunity.