4 Reasons to Move Down South

Some people live and die in the same job. Others are anxious to explore the world to try the next best thing. When you’re considering a move, take a look at the South. You might be surprised how many wonderful things are in this region.

4 Reasons to Move Down South

Aside from the fact that people are polite to you everywhere you go, the climate tends to be moderate (other than July and August), and housing is well-priced. You could easily work here without throwing all your money into the cost of living.

If you need a little convincing that the South is for you, here are a few common reasons that people choose to move to the area.

You can go to the beach more often.

The Deep South is a great location, namely because of the ability to head to the beach on a weekend. Going to the beach is difficult when you’re in the Midwest, but the South is the perfect place to enjoy clear blue waters and miles and miles of sand without traveling far. Some Southern locations are more landlocked than others, but most are only a few hours away from the coast.

Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, and South Carolina all touch the Atlantic Ocean or Gulf of Mexico, and the water is relatively warm and pleasant all year-round. If you’re fortunate enough to live in a coastal town, you know the joys of walking along the beach on any given afternoon or taking a pleasure cruise with your friends.

Florida is one of the most popular places to live in the South, thanks to the surrounding beach opportunities. Even if you live in the center of Florida, you’re only about an hour or two away from the closest beach.

When living in Florida, you’ll soon realize that there are thousands of places to see on Florida’s Gulf Coast. Miami, Clearwater, Destin, Siesta Key, Fort Walton, Pensacola, St. Pete’s, and Sarasota beaches are some of the most sought after travel destinations in the world.

St. George’s Island is also a very popular place to visit if you live in or near Florida. This pristine island is 28 miles worth of untouched natural beauty. You won’t find high rises like in Miami or chain restaurants cluttering the boardwalks. It’s just you, the sand, and water for miles.

St. George’s Island boasts some of the best kayaking, cycling, paddle boarding, and snorkeling in the Gulf Coast. You’ll never be bored on this family vacation destination, and if you live in the area, you can come back anytime you want!

You can go shopping for the latest fashions whenever you want.

Southern fashions have started to take over fashion brands, and you’ll be seeing more and more of these fabrics and patterns as time goes on. Why not live where all these great ideas started?

Unlike Midwestern states, the populations of Southern states tend to be high. This means that you’ll always find plenty of amenities, including nearby shopping. Even if you live in a rural area, you probably won’t have to drive more than an hour to get to a wide selection of stores.

The fashions popular in the South are utterly charming. Like everyone else, Southerners always receive monogrammed handkerchiefs and ties at their wedding. Unlike everyone else, they actually use them. You’ll also see plenty of linen, seersucker, gingham, and eyelet fabrics at weddings and in stores – these are like the Southerner’s version of silk.

You won’t have any trouble finding an attractive string of pearls, cowboy boots that fit just right, fitted dresses, three-piece suits, colorful handbags, fitted button-ups, attractive hair ornaments, signature perfumes, and, of course, grandiose hats.

Plenty of shopping centers have traditional stores like The Gap or Loft, but it’s fun to take part in this unique shopping and fashion experience. Before moving to the South, you would have had to purchase a cute crochet dress online, but in this region, you can easily find one in a store that fits like a glove.

Southerners love to shop, and you can be part of that dynamic if you move there. You’ve never truly experienced an exciting shopping trip until you’ve done it in this region.

Be part of the land of race car drivers.

Watching NASCAR on a Sunday afternoon is an American pastime. Wouldn’t it be fun to live where it all began? The South has a rich and interesting history when it comes to race car driving, one that you can be part of if you make it your permanent home.

There’s a long debate about the real beginnings of race car driving, but Daytona Beach is where the competition really took off. It’s been known since the 1920s and 30s as the place to go if you want to make records in the sport. We’re coming up on almost a century of high-profile racing in the city.

But you don’t have to live near Daytona to partake in the race car craze. Hundreds of cities pay tribute to the sport. Kentucky, Georgia, Oklahoma, and Alabama all have some of the most prestigious race car tracks in the United States.

Along with catching the occasional race, you can get tours of some of the biggest race tracks in the country. If you want an up close look at the Atlanta Motor Speedway, explore Henry County, Georgia. You can also check out Barber Motorsports Park in Leeds, Alabama or Hallett Motor Racing Circuit in Jennings, Oklahoma.

Museums are all over the South, each featuring exciting mementos of and facts about the world’s greatest racers and cars. The history there will get in your blood as soon as you move there.

Enjoy some of the best home cooking of your life.

The South is famous for its simple, rich style of cooking. Deep South cooking will no doubt expand your waistline, but it will leave you with a constant smile on your face. Whether you’re cordially invited to dinner by your neighbors or you stop by a homestyle restaurant, you’ll get to sample some of America’s finest cuisine.

Imagine piles of delicious food cooked just right at every meal. Think about biscuits and gravy, Southern BBQ, mac and cheese, fried green tomatoes, collard greens, chicken pot pie, fried chicken, corn pudding, peach cobbler, grits, chicken fried steak, grilled corn on the cob, strawberry shortcake, cornbread, and other mouthwatering delicacies.

Of course, you can get Southern food throughout the United States, but you honestly haven’t tried these delicacies until you’ve been to the South. They know exactly how to make it – usually with plenty of lard or butter and tons of love.

Also, you’ll have the opportunity to try foods you’ve probably never considered, such as fried oxtails. Addielee’s in Charleston, South Carolina, does them best, especially with a side of greens and browned cornbread. One bite will make you want to call a Charleston moving company so you can make it your permanent city of residence.

Every place has something to love about it, but those in the South seem to be devoutly loyal to their little corner of the world and everything it offers. When you take a closer look, you’ll probably find a few things you don’t want to live without. If that’s the case, it might be time to consider making the South your new home.